Own a vacation rental that's immersed in nature? 

Work with a Yonder Scout to ensure your listing information is correct and expedite getting it live — and get 1:1 support the entire time you're on the platform.

1:1 dedicated support

Why Yonder vs other booking sites? 


Each booking payout will process within 24 hours of the guest's check-in to their confirmed stay or activity. 

We promote Steward properties on our site, through our advertising and our social media. PPC, PR, Paid Social, SEO/SEM, and Email Marketing currently make up our mix.

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Recognition for sustainability

Help us shape the future of responsible travel and become one of our many hosts (Stewards) that Yonder spotlights for sustainability efforts.

More nature-seeking guests

Tap into our growing list of guests that are seeking what you offer — socially distanced, off-the-beaten-path properties with opportunities for nature connection.

We're 100% focused on nature immersion.  Your listing won't get lost in a mix of urban destinations. We're dedicated to offering only nature experiences and inviting guests to connect with the natural world and everything it offers. 

We call our hosts "Yonder Stewards."   Why? Stewards offer guests a lot more than a 'place to crash' and we believe they should be recognized for that. Yonder Stewards provide a connection to land, food, animals, and nature enrichment.

We share your story. We highlight the stories that make your properties and their natural surroundings unique. We believe the access to nature you offer can enrich a guest’s life, and we let them know.

Enable Yonder via Streamline

Once you turn on Yonder via your Streamline integration, we will vet your listing(s) for qualification. You'll hear from us within 48 hours on a decision.

Get invited to go live on Yonder

Once approved, you will receive an invite link to set up your organization. You will work with a dedicated Scout to ensure your data is updated and set correctly.

Meet Yonder. 

A booking platform exclusively for nature-rich properties.

Now fully integrated with Streamline.

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What kind of marketing does Yonder do?

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